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We are a Microsoft shop that is currently running Exchange 2003 in a 2003 AD domain/forest. We need to restrict some of our users so that they can only send to specific distribution lists and no one else. Is there a way to set this up, the users are all AD users with the ability to currently send emails internally and externally.
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In my opinion this wouldn't be possible to stop him sending email to everyone expect few chosen dl's. The work around that you can try with is on other user, you can set delivery restriction to accept messages from everyone expect that user. This will be a workable solution as long as user base is limited. In large env this would be a pain to achieve.
The problem with this is that if a user can send to another user via a distribution list they can also send directly to that user. So you can set permisson on users so that only specific people can send to them but that does what it says. If a user can't send to the directly, they can't send via a list either.

. You can also set permissions on outbound connectors. You can take away their SMTP addresses, but again thats absolute.

Lastly of course this also means they can't reply to anything they receive from other users, even to send "out of office" replies.
license-metroAuthor Commented:
We have quite a few users so this solution isn't really feasible but it did meet our requirements. Thanks for the information.
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