SharePoint question -- Adding "metadata" to a work item as it goes down an approval chain?

We have Microsoft Offices Sharepoint Services 2007 installed on our SharePoint server, and I'm trying to use SharePoint Designer to create a simple workflow.

I want the following overall effect:
1.  User A logs in and enters one or more work items.  He has three fields to fill out.

2.  User B (the "team lead") logs in and sees the items that User A has created.  He can modify any of User A's work items, and has two or three additional fields per work item that he can fill out.

3.  When User B finishes his step, SharePoint forwards them to User A.  User A can now see (but not edit) the extra fields that User B added.  User A now performs some task in the real world based on this information.

The key concept here is that User A submits an item with N fields, and by the end of the workflow, they receive their original item with M additional fields.

Any tips on how to implement this type of workflow?
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dp_expertConnect With a Mentor Commented:

It would be hard to have it implemented with OOB tools. You can try SPD to hide the fields with javascript depending on the user's permisions and the item state.

You can also try these free add-on:

If you are taking a paid solution into account, then my company has two products that in my opinion can ideally fulfill your requirements:

You can try this product - SharePoint column protector to protect the fields you want. There is a 30 day trial so you can try it and see if is suits you -

This product is also embeded in Datapolis Workbox - a graphical workflow designer  -also with 30 day trial You can design the entire process and hide the selected fields for selected users for every process phase.
There is a short demo how it works - (this video is a bit old - now we display the readonly columns on the edit form, without hiding them).

ThoughtProcessAuthor Commented:
I would have preferred a way to implement this without 3rd party tools, but I'll investigate this solution further.
ThoughtProcessAuthor Commented:

I hit "submit" too early.  THANK YOU for your input!  I appreciate the time that you took to put together this message. :-)

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