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Removing double quotes from a string in the c language

I need to write a function that will remove leading and trailing quotation marks from a string in the C programming language.



would convert to:


Thanks for your help.

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use like this

sep = strpbrk(line, "\\<=->/'\"");

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Anil GolamariCommented:
string newstring= oldstring.Replace("“", "").Replace("”", "");

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tpigielskiAuthor Commented:
Here are some code fragments from my program:

char *token, *newtoken;

newtoken = strpbrk(token, "\"");

I get a compile error at the strpbrk line:
operands of = have illegal types 'pointer to char' and 'int'

I don't see what is wrong

Thanks Tom
I have found it very handy to write a function I usually call "TrimAndRemoveQuotes".  The concept can be implemented in any language, but the idea is to remove white spaces from the beginning and ending of a string, then look to see if the 1st and last character of the string are matching quotes (single or double) and remove them.

A possible C implementation might look something like this...

void TrimAndRemoveQuotes( char* pStr )
  int nLen = strlen( pStr );
  //Find 1st non-whitespace (currently only looks for spaces)
  int nFirst = 0;
  while( pStr[nFirst] == ' ' )
  //Find Last non-whitespace (currently only looks for spaces
  int nLast = nLen - 1;
  if( nLast >= 0 )
    while( pStr[nLast] == ' ' )
      if( nLast < 0 )
  //Test for Blank (or all white-space) string
  if( nLast < 0 )
    *pStr = 0;
  //Check for matching quotes
  if( nFirst < nLast )
    if( pStr[nFirst] == pStr[nLast] )
       char ch = pStr[nFirst];
       if( ch == '\'' || ch == '\"' )
  //Shift String in place
  char* p = pStr;
  for( int i = nFirst; i <= nLast; i++ )
    *p = pStr[nFirst];
  //Tack on EOS
  *p = 0;

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scanf would be one easy way.

Or test the first char for quote, find the end char using strlen and test the last char for quote; if so just strcpy it.

The strpbrk error is because you're not including whatever header strpbrk is declared in (string.h), but that function will return a pointer to the first quote character so I'm not sure it's what you want.

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