Connected network share doesn't appear on the desktop.

I have a user who connects to a network share on our network.  Under finder preferences I have it set to show connected servers on the desktop.  It's stopped working for some reason.  I've rebooted.

I can see the network resource in the side bar of the finder and connect to it or I can do it by finder >> go >> connect to server.
After connecting a new finder windows opens and I can read and write to the resource.  When I look at \Volumes I see the share name listed here along side Macintosh HD.

It just won't appear on the desktop.  

This just started and I'm stumped.  I've never seen this before.

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Yeah. Gotta love those users that claim the computer does mysterious things of its own free will. Lol
you have to map to the drive.  or else it won't show up all the time.  right click on my computer and click map to network drive.
LOL.. This is the Mac zone, not the Windows zone.. ;-)

OS X does not put drive icons on the desktop by default - but you can ask it to do so, by opening the Finder preferences.

Menu: Finder: Preferences... : General:
Select what type of drive icons the USER would like to see on the desktop.
Note: this is User preferences.

As you have already done so, maybe the setting needs to be toggled?

You might also wanna try to delete

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Try throwing out your finder preferences - ~/Library/Preferences/,
Logout and back in, and then double check that connected servers has a check mark under "show these items on the Desktop.
See if that does the trick.
365techcaAuthor Commented:
@marook & @edtechy: I'll try the finder preferences.
Or better yet, just put an alias on the desktop or in their dock.
365techcaAuthor Commented:
@spidey23 - I had all of that setup. The dock alias is gone and of course the user has no explanation LOL.   I'm waiting for the result of the finder preferences suggestion above.  I have not heard from the user in a while.
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