Word 2011 quits when closing a document

Everytime I try to close a Word 2011 document, Word 2011 says "Word has encountered a poblem and needs to quit"
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princhitaAuthor Commented:
I actually was able to solve the problem myself.  Maybe the following will be of help to other people having the same problem:
1) The application EndNote interferes with Word 2011 and causes it to quit on closing a document.  The new version EndNote X4 appears to be compatible with Word 2011, but any old version will cause the problem.  You need to uninstall old versions of EndNote.
2) Old Toolbars, created in Word 2008 or earlier will make Word 2011 quit when closing a document.  Delete old toolbars.
3) Repairing permissions appears to help too.
4) Make sure that you do not have any duplicate fonts.  If you do, disable them or delete them.

Others have suggested longer more cumbersome solutions, which did not work for me.  The above solved my problem.
princhitaAuthor Commented:
How will I get an answer, by email?
Someone will post an answer here and it will email you letting you know it's there (like the email you just got).
Try disabling all add-ins and macros and see if it still does it. If it does, then just reinstall Word.
You should now accept your own last post as the solution so this question can close. If any other posts helped, hit 'accept multiple solutions' and give them some points too.
Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
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