iphone ipad wifi no work on ch 1

I have a customer with a Linksys WRT54G router. The Wi-Fi was configured for Ch 1. The iPhone and iPad have always worked on Wi-Fi. Suddenly the phone and iPads were losing Wi-Fi connectivity. So I assumed router bad. Replaced with a Linksys E1000. Configured same - would not work (would connect to wireless, but speedtest.net would only give 0.01 Mbps.

As soon as I change to Ch 11, speetest slams to 5Mbps. Change back to Ch 1, 0.01 Mbps, back to Ch 11, 5 Mbps.

Any ideas???
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thomasacookConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just because you can't see them on a laptop wifi adapter does not mean a device isn't present that is interfering.  all that means is the interfering device isn't wifi.  If it was wi-fi, there would be a more manageable clog.

Channels 1, 6, and 11 do not overlap in the band, so many people start with those.

see the attached image for channel spacing 1000px-2.4-GHz-Wi-Fi-channels--2.png
Sounds like there was something else using the same frequency.  Speed tests will drop significantly if there is excess traffice from another router or access point using the same channel.  THe router was most likley not bad, just needed the channel changed.

FCC guidlelines state that devices operating in these bands must all accept whatever interference is present.  Baby monitors, cordless phones and many other devices share the same frequency band, so if someone put up another access point with slightly higher power (legal or not) you are destined to change your own channel.
dacharronAuthor Commented:
well it for sure wasn't that - I had my laptop out and I use Wireless Mon to evaluate all signals in area - Ch 1 had only this Linksys - Ch 6 had a bunch and Ch 11 had a couple... And it worked on Ch 11...
dacharronAuthor Commented:
I do believe you are correct - I forgot other "energy" could be there without showing up as Wi-Fi. Thanks! tested the phone on a different router a couple miles away - worked fine. Too bad a spectrum analyzer is $500...
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