Migration to Windows Server 2008


This is related to my question here:

Now I am getting error messages saying that we are non license compliant from the source server ( SBS 2003) .  We have had a alot of people work in here but never more than 13 users at one time.  We have 15 licenses installed on the server.  Upon successful transfer of Active directory, I received error message:

"Check for Licensing Compliance is Incomplete"
The server did not finish checking the license compliance. If the server is joined to a domain, make sure that the server can connect to a domain contoller.


"Check for Licensing Compliance is Incomplete"
The server did not finish checking the license compliance. If the server is joined to a domain, make sure that the server can connect to a domain contoller. If the license compliance check cannot be completed, the server will automatically shut down in 9days, 5 hours 0 minutes."

What do I do?   I have only 13 users under SBS users.  and 1 quickbooks user that quickbooks created. So total of 14 users.  ???

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communitypcAuthor Commented:
I was just reading somewhere else that the microsoft built in user accounts are counting towards my 15 licenses.  I did not think they did, but if so can i delete them?
Cliff GaliherCommented:
One of the restrictions of SBS is that it *must* hold all FSMO roles. If you transferred any of those roles to the 2008 server then SBS will not pass its licensing requirements. That sounds like your problem.

During a migration this is expected and okay, but it does start the clock on when you need to decommission your SBS server.

communitypcAuthor Commented:
We are going from sbs 2003 to server 2008.  I just deleted template built in accounts from sbs 2003 then rebooted 2008  and error seems like its gone. I guess microshit counts the template accounts that are built in, toward my 15 licenses purchased.
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
Blunt Cliff On:

If that is how you feel about Microsoft then don't use their products, and expect limited "help" from others. People can smell disrespect from miles away and usually when someone shows such a blatant disrespect as to use terms like Microshaft/Micro$soft/MicroS***, it shows that this person feels some sense of entitlement. They want to *use* a product, but then bitch about how they are getting screwed by it.

Save yourself some hassle, migrate to Linux. You, and those you rant to, will be happier.

Blunt Cliff Off.

communitypcAuthor Commented:
Listen Here Blunt Cliff:

I pay for this service just like you.  This is a question answer forum.  If I want to bitch about microshit I CAN BECAUSE I PAY FOR IT, PERIOD.  Why do you think they created forums for Microshit, because the software sucks and always is infected or asking stupid questions and requires maintenance.  Why do you think I am in the Microsoft industry?  Because MICROSOFT BREAKS ALL THE TIME, and keeps me EMPLOYED!  Like FORD cars, Fix Or Repair Daily. If Microsoft had not monopolized technology then Unix may have taken over and YOU would be out of a JOB...  

Why do you think the Gov uses Unix and linux and other systems for secure and classified networks?   Because Microsoft is vulnerable, written sloppy and slow.  Even the President commented on being disappointed about the vulnerabilities of Microsoft!  Are you going to tell him to use something different also?  

Blunt Cliff should keep his mouth shut.

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communitypcAuthor Commented:
communitypcAuthor Commented:
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Windows Server 2008

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