Connecting on different subnets

I have a NetGear Router and two subnet networks - the router is set for Multihoming
I can ping both networks from the router
I can also ping from the 172.16.1.xx
I can ping from the
I can map to a Win7 machine from an XP machine...I can't figure out how to map to the XP machine from Win7
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Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
I take it from your description that you can ping from a computer on one subnet to a computer on another subnet.  Right?

I take it that the subnets are:

The XP machine needs to have the folders shared of course....
The XP firewall needs to be opened to the other subnet.  Like this:

Control Panel
Windows Firewall
Exceptions tab
File and Printer Sharing

Highlight TCP 139
Select: Change Scope
Select: Custom List

Highlight TCP 445
Do the same as above.

Highlight UDP 137
Do the same as above

Highlight UDP 138
Do the same as above

OK to finish.
ri95Author Commented:
I actually used net use command and got it - I also made the changes you suggested. Thanks.
Are there any changes I should make in Win7?

I noticed once I turned on the Win7 Firewall - execution of even a small application really slowed down.
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
I've not yet figured out if Win 7 needs special settings or not - nor what those settings would be.  The list of things involved in file and printer sharing in Win 7 is rather large so I'm hoping to find a simple way to set it up.  In fact, this was the first time I'd had the issue with XP.  So, it may be extra work and not needed.  But then ....

Overall, you need computers to allow access to file and printer sharing from any of the subnets in the system.  Whether they somehow do that automagically or you need to define the subnets (which seems most likely to me) is the question.  If it works then great.  If it doesn't then be aware of this likely need.
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