Dell Dimension 4600

I have the above which was gifted to me and it comes with XP.  I am trying to upgrade to windows 7 with the original disks from Dell, but it just would not work.  I tried inserting the Dell windows 7 Upgrade Assistant DVD and rebooting, but it still boots up XP.  Then I tried hitting F12 when it boots and getting it to boot from the DVD, still XP boots up.
Can this pc ever be upgraded to windows 7 with the original configuration?  If Yes, how do I do it. thank u.
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I assume you can boot to xp. Try downloading and running the Windows7 upgrade Advisor tool first.

Some older hardware and some programs are not compatibile with Windows 7 and the Upgrade Advisor will tell of any issues like that before actually trying to upgrade.
Brian GeeCommented:
Have you tried running this Dell upgrade disc after having booted and logged into XP? This may be one of those types that requires you to run the process from within the OS.
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Randy DownsOWNERCommented:
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Not supported and not possible are 2 distinctly different things.

How you proceed depends on how comfortable you are with troubleshooting. It's very likely that you will end up looking for some hardware drivers on the manufacturers websites or possibly replacing some hardware devices that are just too old to work.

Windows 7 includes a lot of compatibility troubleshooting tools that can help when using older drivers/hardware devices and software programs.

If the Upgrade Advisor did not identify any incompatible hard devices, I would say that you should go ahead try the upgrade. Make sure that you have all of the latest drivers for the installed hardware available on external media.

Download the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor from Microsoft to determine the compatibility:

Windows 7 Upgrade advisor

Just as a side note : Dell does not support drivers for Vista or Windows 7 for the Dimension 4600, so I would say the chances are slim it is upgradeable, unless you have customized the machine with add-ins.
jegajothyretiredAuthor Commented:
thank u all for your valuable inputs.  Yes, windows 7 is not supported and cannot be installed in this Dell.
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