DC Demotion

I promoted a 2008 DC at a site about 2 weeks ago.  I'm preparing to demote the 2003 DC at that site.

Here's what I've done so far:
Verified it is not holding any FSMO roles
Made the new DC a GC
In the process of transferring DHCP
Installed DNS on the new DC
Verified replication with repadmin /showrepl, always successful
No errors on new DC

Anything else anyone can think of checking before doing the dcpromo on the old DC later this week?
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You'll need to point all of the clients DNS to the new DC that were pointing to the old but other than that - looks good to me.

Would recommend you run a dcdiag on the new server and assuming all is well, turn of the old DC for a couple of days BEFORE demoting it. This will prove that all is well. If still no errors then power it up again then demote.

Kram80Author Commented:
Thanks for pointing out the DNS settings, I do have that configured already on the new DHCP server that I'm transferring to.  But a reminder never hurts.

Could you help me with the dcdiag commands?  I use it so infrequently that I forget.
don't forget any devices that have statically assigned addresses.

As for DCDiag, log into your new dc, fire up a command prompt and type...


Everything should say "passed"
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Kram80Author Commented:
No switches for dcdiag?  Good deal.....easy enough.
Kram80Author Commented:
Yeah, DcDiag looks clean, except for this:


But since I'm still running a 2003 functional level domain, cannot add a RODC, and have not run adprep for 2008, I guess I would expect this error.
All appears well!

I would now recommend switching off your old DC and making sure everything still works (which it should) and if so, leave for a few days the run the demotion.
Kram80Author Commented:
Sounds good.  Thanks for your help.
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