Need help automating Webpage to PDF conversion using VBA, Excel and CutePDFWriter

I'm reading data from Excel, and then using VBA to automate the browswer page navigation, the thing I'm having trouble with is the CuteFTP dialog box.

I'm using FindWindow() to ensure that the macro waits for the appearance of the Dialog window but once it appears I don't know another way to feed it file names and to "press enter" other than using keystrokes. This works well sometimes and not well other times.

I think I'll need to be doing something with the handle of the dialog and getting access to the fields and buttons of that dialog but so far I'm not getting it.

Any help is appreciated,

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Robberbaron (robr)Commented:
you should be able to script it properly, without the dialog box.
  The difference between vba & vb6 is minor as code is using WSH.

note the referenced solution to wait for pdf creation to complete.
Bryan ButlerCommented:
Timing is often the problem.  If you add some pauses, you might find the issues go away.  Here's the link that robberbaron's link links to for pausing:
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