How do I edit the PHP scripts in my Joomla template?


I am extremely new to working in Joomla, and I absolutely cannot find a way to edit the PHP code in the backend of Joomla. Can someone please tell me how I can access these documents from the Joomla backend to make hardcode changes to the PHP files?

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Amanda WatsonWeb DeveloperCommented:
Hey there,
You will not be able to edit all your scripts through the backend of joomla.
You can edit your template index.php file and your css files through template manager but the rest will need to be access by FTP.
soujohnAuthor Commented:
Thanks snowball77,

I had a bad feeling that was the case. I knew I couldn't be that totally blind. I'm so used to having the editor feature in Wordpress; was hoping I'd find it in Joomla too.
Rowby GorenCommented:
There is a template editor.  And a css editor.   And if you know what you are doing -- as long as you don't "break" the Joomla framework you can make changes in the templates.

But of course make a solid backup before you touch it.

The CSS is more standard.

Is it the template you want to change?  Or are you looking to make changes in the actual programming of some of the components?

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