Convert pdf to Excel

We have Nokia firewalls that print reports in PDF format and we need import those pdf files into Excel.

Are there any free programs that will convert pdf files into Excel?
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I don't know any free programs that converts pdf's to Excel and that works can spend some money and get one of the best programs that is PDF2XL:

I've tested and I can say it works very well.

I've tried working with pdf files and found that they have lots of problems if you copy/paste or otherwise try to extract the information, but I think it depends how the file is created.

So have you tried the copy/paste?
Dragon0x40Author Commented:
thanks jppinto and rspahitz,

I am going to try opening the file with Adobe Acrobat Pro 8 and then paste into notepad and then import into Excel.

Dragon0x40Author Commented:
We have Adobe Acrobat Pro 8 full version so we can convert pdf to notepad and then put in Excel.
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