Protecting streaming video

Is there a way to protect streaming video so that only authorized people can get to it? It's not enough to protect the HTML page that is hosting the player as the page source has the URL of the video. Is this a feature of some streaming video servers perhaps, or is there another way to do it.
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Place the embedding code in an external JavaScript file (which also has the advantage of fixing the "Click to activate" problem). This places the file's location a little further away from the HTML but it's still easy enough to find.
Write the JavaScript code in such a way that it's not immediately obvious where the file is (e.g. split up the location into different variables spread throughout the code, or reference variables from other JavaScript files used elsewhere in the web page). This way the thief would need some knowledge of JavaScript to find the location.
A better option is to use Flash video. This way you can create a SWF file as the video player and have the video file location hidden inside the SWF file.
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