Can I Append an Image to a SWF File?


I have a flash movie that I did not create. The guy who made it left the company and all I have is an SWF file and his original movie file.

I have access to some software on his computer...possibly Flash... But since I don't know how to use Flash anyway, a hack of some sort may be more appropriate.

The SWF file needs to play a movie one time upon page load. loop=false

However, I need to change the final frame on the SWF file. I need to have to somehow append an image or create a one frame SWF file or something.

I just want the SWF movie to have a final frame with my page the movie seems to disappear after it is played.

Thank you so much in advance.

(I'm sorry I posted this in the wrong category. I am trying to edit it now but do not see that option.)
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You will need to edit the last frame in the original file and create a new FLV file in order to do this - and you'll need to do it in Flash ... it's not super hard to do, and pretty easy once you get into it and start playing around ... find a cheap book on flash and go from there ...
or in the last frame add a command gotoAndPlay(1);
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