Share Point Server Farm... or not

Hi guys I have a VM with 6GB of ram to play with and I’m wondering it is better to install a 2GB FE server and then a 4GB SQL server or just use the whole lot on one mixed server. What’s the best way to go and why?


Oh BTW, its SharePoint Foundation and the servers are 08 R2, its not going to be heavily used or anything. maybe 50 people.

With only 6GB im thinking its prob best to only have one server, more ram by eliminating the overhead of the second server... but maybe there is something i dont know about this that would make it better with the two. I just dont know
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You are right 1 server is best for a 50 person load.  You get overhead on ram/processor/hd when you split a servers resources like that.  If you had say 12GB of ram 6 core processors and a solid state drive it starts making more sense to have 3 VM, if anything else, because you can run different OS environments on them.  
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