Fax/Modem for Proliant ML350G6

I have a Proliant HP ML350 G6, and I want to install a modem/fax for sending and receiving faxes, without any investigation I bought a normal PCI fax/modem which when I wanted to install it I could not, because this server does not have any normal PCI, it only has 6 PCI Express 2GEN, so, can I buy the Hiro H50197 PCIe Fax Modem and install it?, will it work?, I looking around and it says that this fax/modem is 1X, does that matter when the server has lots of (x4 and x8)?,

Copied this from HP server page:
**NOTE: Six total expansion slots. One PCI-Express x16 Gen2 (x8 speed); One PCI-Express x8 Gen2 (x8 speed); Four PCI-Express x8 Gen2 (x4 speed). Optional PCI-X Expander provides additional two 64-bit/100-MHz PCI-X slots by using a single PCI Express slot**
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I think it is better to have external USB fax/modem
marpanetAuthor Commented:
I know, the problem is that I don´t have any USB ports left on the outside panel....
It only comes with two on the back and both are being used.
PCIe is backwards compatible - ie 1x card will work in a 4x slot. You should be fine. Would rather use a US robotics though.

However, as Fryezz has stated, i would go for an external modem as you're less likely to have driver issues and i wouldn't want to run questionable hardware inside my servers.

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marpanetAuthor Commented:
Serial USR MODEM???,, I had that one when I was 8 years old!!! hehehehehe
Let me find a desent PCIe fax/modem, but now I know it will work! :D
that one should be fine...

Would still go external though unless using an enterprise fax board like this


marpanetAuthor Commented:
do you think it´s worth the price?, I will only recieve like one fax a month, maybe two... hehehe
And again, we will send a fax or two a month..
I'm mucking around.

I have been bitten before by cheap cards in a server (was actually a SATA controller used to connect an external drive for backups) that crashed the pci bus and caused major headaches. One of those "once bitten..." things.

Assuming your not going to use enterprise fax software that often has a strict compatability list I'm sure those cards will be fine for you.

Rob KnightConsultantCommented:
"It only comes with two on the back and both are being used"
I don't think this is a blocker for the solution!
It is very cheap to have USB extender and attach it to the server
marpanetAuthor Commented:
fryezz, thank you, the problem is that I can connect to the front panel with a usb extender, but because this server has a cover with a key, I don´t want the cable to be going from the front, into inside the server and then to the back.
I understand, actully all our servers are DELL, so sorry I couldn't visulize the situation,
thanks for clearifing, and good luck
marpanetAuthor Commented:
I have the US Robotics Fax modem on my hands, I will try to install it this saturday, I will post back results!!! :D
marpanetAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the information...
I will give Share-IT more points because that was the answer I was looking for, I knew a external modem will work but didn´t have a USB free slot.  thank you all!!
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