need to eliminate artifact


I have attached a picture of a black vertical space to the left of the left most button on the top navigation bar of this page:
I would greatly appreciate someone showing me what needs to be corrected in the style sheet for the top navigation bar to be lengthened to eliminate this black space.. black space to left of navigation barTIA
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Tom BeckCommented:
Slight correction:

.topnav-wrap{width:825px;margin-left:0px;height:42px;padding-left:5px;background:url(../web/images/global_bar_bk_r1_c2.gif) repeat-x 50% top;}

Tom BeckCommented:
I think the simplest solution is just to fill the whole button bar with the button background image. That way if you move the buttons around, the dark background will not show through.

Change this line in your css:

.topnav-wrap{width:825px;margin-left:0px;height:42px;padding-left:5px;background:url(../images/global_bar_bk_r1_c2.gif) repeat-x 50% top;}
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