Cisco SR 520 Static IPs form different subnets.

I have Cisco SR 520.  I have a static WAN ip and then a assigned lan netblock that’s on a different subnet.

External Interfaces
WAN: 74.202.x.x

Internal Interfaces
Assigned LAN Netblock: 174.46.x.x

What is the best way to configure the router so I can use the LAN Netbook.
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surbabu140977Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Cisco Configuration Assistant is downloadable from the ciso site free for configuring the router. Use that.

In the simplest form, define a static route in the router and assign your netbook an Ip in the range of 174.46.x.x with default gateway pointing to router LAN Ip:7174.46.x.x. That should be enough for your netbook to access internet.

surbabu140977Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If your wan ip is 74.202.x.1,

static route in the router should be ip route pointing to 74.202.x.2.

This .2 is your ISP router IP. Remember, it's a /30 bit subnet, so if your Ip is 74.202.x.6, then don't put .7, it will be 74.202.x.5. If you have doubt, ask your ISP about the correct IP, if you don't want to paste in here.

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