PowerPivot formula on a new measure using cell value

Hi All,

I am using PowerPivot to create a report from a ZAP datacube.  
The information that I have brought into the 'Powerpivot Window' is stuff like -
Sales,  GP,  State,  Month,  Year

I am looking to create a measure that will allow me to divide the GP by a cell value - sort of like this
=Query[MeasuresGross Profit]/p4
(where cell p4 contains the trading days gone in the current month)

Unfortunately the error I get is "Failed to resolve name 'p4'. It is not a valid table or a function name."

Can someone please tell me how to perform calculations on measures against cell values


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If the cell is populated from Power Pivot you can reference that Data
=Query[MeasuresGross Profit]/[MeasuresCost]

or something along those lines
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