Unable to login to computer

I am getting an error on a Windows 7 client that was part of a domain.  When I try and log in I get the error "The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed."  I tried deleting the computer from Active Directory and recreating the account, but it still gives the same error.  Unfortunately, the local administrator account is not active so I cannot log in with that either.

Any ideas how I can remotely activate the administrator account to rejoin the domain?

I really don't want to reinstall the OS.
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Does the computer show up in Active Directory. If it does right click on the computer and select reset to see if it helps.
Swap out the disk if you have one and reload it.
Then copy the info off the other disk to save your data.
Always enable the Administrator account on a domain computer and give it a tough password. You can even rename it. Without the account enabled though you are looking at a long haul.
Are you able to log in with the laptop disconnected from the network? I'm wondering if the credentials are still cached.
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have you logged onto this computer using a domain account that had local administrator privs successfully in the past? In that case, take the computer off the network, then try logging in using this account. Win 7 should use the cached authentication token to log you in. Then you can reset the local administrator password and get the machine joined to the domain again.
If Nivlesh's suggestion doesn't work,

There must be another local administrator account on the computer, when you first install/configure windows 7, you have to create a local user which by default will have admin rights, if you don't remember the user name you can look at the C:\Users\ folder to find out the username

Now how to do it on a computer which you cannot login,
While the computer is turned on and connected to network, from your server or any other computer that you are logged into with admin rights, navigate to:
(ComputerName is the NetBIOS name of the computer with issues)
there should be folders like:

Then from the client computer, for username type: ComputerName\Henry

If you don't know the client computer name, for username just type Administrator and you'll see the computer name appear in grey on the bottom of login page

After logging in with local admin account, you need to disjoin and rejoin the domain
Use a boot cd like 'pcloginnow' to boot up your system with it and enable local administrator account, or give administrative permissions to another account of your choice.

Then remove the machine from the domain and rejoin.
Ivano ViolaSystem AdministratorCommented:
Here is an article on how to enable the Windows 7 Administrator account offline. This may help:
mthiel3333Author Commented:
I tried accessing the computer using \\computername\c$, but I get an error that the computer is not accessible.  However, I can ping the computer with no problem.  

Unfortunately, I deleted the computer account on the Domain Controller in Active Directory.  I recreated the account, but now I cannot log into the system using any administrator account.

You can also download a live Linux distro like Knoppix and boot the computer using that, then you can access the data on hard drive including C:\Users
ok the problem is , a WS gets authenticated from the domain controller , if the account has been deleted or the machine removed from the domains , you cant log in.

windows 7 has a hidden admin account you might be able to activate this to get into the machine using a local profile.

mthiel you will not be able to login to the machine using your domain account after you have taken it off the domain.

Have a look at this http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/3-ways-to-reset-the-forgotten-windows-administrator-password/

I suggest using the BartPE option. I dont see another way of getting into the machine other then resetting the password on the local administrator account.
The fastest way to gain access to your pc is reseting the administrator password.

You can do it using a boot cd like , winternals cd (erd commander), pcloginnow or bartpe as suggested
mthiel3333Author Commented:
Thank you all for your advice.  

My issue was not that the admin password was forgotten.  It was that the account is disabled so I cannot log into the computer.

I was unable to get any of the solutions to work and ended up reinstalling the OS from scratch.

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that will work to :) its an issue with removing it from the domain controler , but glad you got it sorted
mthiel3333Author Commented:
Reinstalled OS from scratch
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