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Change BPM of samples

I have many beats at a few different bpm's .  I would like to make all the beats the same bpm.  How can I do this with pro tools?  I would like to either choose a bpm or detect the bpm of a beat then re sample the other samples so that they match the target bpm.
3 Solutions

to change BPM you can use MP3 doctor pro, : http://www.mp3doctor.com/download-mp3doctor.html

steps :
1. check current BPM (bit rate) of sample
2. change bitrate using above utility (i assume you have mp3 file which contains beat sounds), beat sounds came with LFE (low frequency effect)
3. you can select BPM between 128 - 320 Kbps for that samples.
4. higher the value better result but increased in size.
Try the free open source Audacity
Load the sample and go to Effects and change the beat
There's a few videos on how to here, Garage Band is another but it's a MAC tool

Google for tools > bpm tempo changer  for windows please
I dont know of any others but I'm sure there are free and buy now tools out there
I'm a Cubase user...but the theory is the same. You'll want to quantize the audio clip to match the desired bpm. You can do this in Pro Tools by using Beat Detective. It's a pretty straightfoward process, but you can end up getting bizarre results (sometimes purposely), so you should really play with the settings for familiarity.  

Pro Tools Quantize
ForLoop5Author Commented:
Thank you for the great tips
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