HP GL380G4 , MSA20, and VMWare

Hi Folks
I am needing to set up an environment on a tight budget using  recycled quip. My goal is to set up a VM ESX system with some level of fall over (manual intervention OK)
I have the following
3 x HP GL380G4 with dual Xeon's (memory configurable) with dual power supplies
1 x MSA20  with multiple HD's and dual power supplies

I am intending to connect the GL380's to the MSA20.  How I have several configuration options

1. use all GL380's as VM Servers to the MSA20
2. Use one GL380 as a Storage Server and connect the other 2 x GL380's via ISCSI the to storage

Either way is preferable as if one of the GL380's fail I just need to move its HD to another machine and power up again.
Also as the GL380's have Ultra320 drive slots I can use some of these as high speed are'a

Many thanks for any comments/advice
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herbusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi there

In my opinion the solution that includes the storage server seems to be better - in the event of an issue with one ESX server, the storage is already available to the other and no physical intervention is required.

Not having to physically touch the servers in the event of an ESX failure will be worthy if you provide remote/out-of-hours support.

Also you'll work on a lower budget if you only run 2 ESX servers instead of 3, as I figure the VMware licensing will be the highest cost here...

Otherwise no issues with the setup... do you need to consider system/data backups within the budget too?  Food for thought...

Good luck!
marcwolfAuthor Commented:
Backups are no problem. I already use SATA docking stations and  eSata cards to back up each night. Also very handy to take the previous nights backup offsite

Thanks for the comments, youd given me the nudge in the right direction
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
Just remember the HP DL380 G4 may not be compoatible with ESX/ESXi 4.1. It does not support Intel-VT. Although it has a 64bit processor, if you do manage to get it working it will not support 64 bit Virtual Machines. (on any ESX/ESXi platform). 32bit VMs only.
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