Join, 2003 Domain with a 2008 R2 server error

I have added a 2008R2 server into a 2003 domain i have moved all the roles off the 2003 DC (as we are taking it out of service) and on to the new 2008R2 when making the Infrastructure operations master role i get this message, all other roles have moved over. what do i need to do about the Infrastructure role?

2008R2.domain.local is a global catalog (GC) server. The infrastructure operations master role should not be transferred t a GC server. Are you certain you want to transfer the infrastructure operations master role to this GC server?
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In your setup (you seem to have a single domain), you can ignore this message:
"Two exceptions to the "do not place the infrastructure master on a global catalog server" rule are:
* Single domain forest:
* Multidomain forest where every domain controller in a domain holds the global catalog"

Microsoft doesn't recommend to have the two roles together, but if you have only a DC, you have to do it.
From MS:

If some of the forest root domain controllers are not configured as global catalog servers, then move the infrastructure master role to a domain controller that is not a global catalog server and ensure that the server is never configured as such. The infrastructure master role should not reside on a global catalog server unless all domain controllers in the domain are global catalog servers.
Kini pradeepPrincipal Cloud and security consultantCommented:
as recomended by austincomp, if its a single domain then ignore the message. it is applicable to forest with multiple domains or child domains in the enterprise
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