Outlook 2007 Calendar Categories - split the calendar item between category colors?

My client uses Categories in Outlook 2007 to assign events to staffmembers. Each staffmember has their own color. So if two staffmembers are assigned to an event there are two colors assigned to that event in Outlook.
But one of the category colors displays as a small box.
Is it possible to have the event  in the Calendar show up across both category colors of equal size?
If not, is it possible to show the 2nd category a little bigger than that tiny box?
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PostmasterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The calendar item appears in the category colour last added.
When opened - the colours are of equal size.

You can create a custom form, but this is only used AFTER opening an appointment.

I think you may be stuck with the smaller colours.
babiapeAuthor Commented:
I just needed confirmation that the little box is the only option for the 2nd category.
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