eigrp force a feasible sucessor

This may be a dumb question.

Is it possible to force an EIGRP feasible sucessor in the routing table?
In my particular complex lab, router A doesnt have a feasible sucessor to router B.  However, Router A can reach router C. RTR-C can reach RTR-B. So when RTR A's link to RTR-B goes down, RTR-A always has to recompute (dual) before finding another way to get to RTR-B (by going through RTR-C).

Just wondering what options there are to make this converge faster.

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Marius GunnerudSenior Systems EngineerCommented:
Yes it is possible. do  both routers lead to the same network / networks? One way of doing this is to increase the delay on RTR C interface that connects to RTR B.

example (on RTR C):

configure terminal
interface fa0/1 (or whichever connects to router B)
delay 120

you may have to decrease the value of the delay if the FD doesn't take effect.

you can also do this using the offset list but that is mainly used by specifying the destination network.

example (destination network
on RTR C...

configure terminal
access-list 1 permit

router eigrp 1
offset-list 1 out fa0/1 (where fa0/1 is the interface facing RTR B)
trojan81Author Commented:
Just want to add. When I go to RTR A and do a sh ip eigrp topology, I see the path to router C but it is not a sucessor.
Marius GunnerudSenior Systems EngineerCommented:
Your reported distance  on RTR A is most likely the same as the Feasible Distance.

This can be changed by use of the delay command on an interface or if they both go to the same network you could use an offset-list command.

trojan81Author Commented:

You are absolutely right. From RTR-A's Eigrp topology table, it shows the link to RTR C's advertised distance the same as the FD to RTR-B.
So it's possible for me to make the route to RTR C as a feasible sucessor so it doesnt have to route compute when link to B goes down?
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