Blackberry Messenger contacts - how to store / transfer these to new blackberry

We had nighmare with a client last time we moved his enterprise exchange account to a new server (so in this case we kept the same device, but his exchange accoun moved to  new server - when reactivating we were prompted to wipe the device - we had taken a backup first)
We eneded up losing all his blackberry messenger contacts.

He wants to move to a new blakcberry and I 100% don't want the same thing to happen again.

How can we be certain blackberry messenger contacts are backed up?

I'm not sure the Desktop manager software actually backs up the blakcberry messenger contacts (at least not in a way that makes them easy to retrieve)

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Ensure to have the latest version of b b messenger. Once you have it, go to options and you will see backup--- either locally to a memory card or remotely to an email address. You can take that backup and test it first before wiping the original device out

through full backup and restore for your blackberry device

check the below steps :

afflik1923Author Commented:
Thanks for input. Never go tot test this in the end but all suggestions made sense. Thanks
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