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So I have a joomla 1.6 website with the "kunena"-forum component and login module.

For some reason when a user is not logged in they seem to get following error:
Warning: fopen(/home/guardians/domains/ [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/guardians/domains/ on line 191

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/guardians/domains/ in /home/guardians/domains/ on line 54

Although I can't seem to see that error, I do however see a glimpse of that error (a fraction of a second in IE) when i login without entering any userdata (frontend).

Any ideas what it might be? I also downloaded the "admin tools core" from the akeeba website to set the permissions.
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Joomla would like you to change the file permissions of the following file to 777

However there are a million reasons why that would be a bad idea...
Instead, open up the file that produces the error:

Look around line 191 for this:

And change it to this:

MutsopAuthor Commented:
what does the @ stands for? I've been trying to search for it on but no real explanation :(
@ will just suppress the error so the error message is not displayed.

Joomla is trying to write to a log file.  The log file permissions are not allowing Joomla to write to the log file.  If you (or your hosting provider) change the file permissions to 777 it will be able to write to the log file and there will be no error.  However the log file is a PHP script and some hosting providers will not let you change the file permissions of php scripts to 777 for security reasons.  So unless you need the log, you can just suppress the error with @
MutsopAuthor Commented:
Oh k thanks alot :)
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