blue screen interpretation

Hi, I've attached a picture of a bluescreen.
I know that one can send microsoft the crash dump file for their analysis,
but what can a solo administrator do to interpret this information?

The blue screen has happened on a random basis about once every two days. I'm hoping to begin to troubleshoot, and this screen is all I've got to begin the investigation.
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michaelkamenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The screen says the BSOD was caused by the file' Rt64win7.sys'.
Apparently this is a driver for a Realtek network card.
You could try installing the latest version of this driver from the realtek website.
dbruntonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There will possibly be a dump file stored in the computer.

See for more information.

See for links to the Nirsoft BlueScreen View which will help analyse dmp files.  Not sure if it works on 64 bit systems.

That blue screen you have has identified a driver file as causing the error.  That is a Realtek driver.  Try updating the driver and see if that fixes the problem.
Sajen JoseConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can download the latest drivers for Realtek card here 
JeReLoAuthor Commented:
Thanks. The network is using the onboard network (that is, on the motherboard), so it wasn't possible to find a driver at that site (only pci or pci express card drivers). I tried to get the os to find an update to the onboard nic, but it reports the driver is up to date.

I may try using an intel network card, (NIC), and then disable the onboard nic. That way I can at least see if the problem stops.
JeReLoAuthor Commented:
Thanks all. I've transitioned to the secondary NIC, and all is well for the time being.
All answers were helping.
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