Exchange 2007 Mail Store didn't change after cleanup

Went through and deleted some users, one of which exchange said was half of its mail store size. It was deleted since its not needed. After running the cleanup commands the mail store file size is still the same. Also I notice alot of log files sitting out there in the mail store directory. Whats the best way to clean both?
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you need to check the event id 1221 on you exchange server, to see how size the white space on each database, if you want to clean that, then you should do offline defragmentation but it will require downtime

check the below steps URLs:

Muzafar MominCommented:
this is due the Deleted Mailbox and Deleted Item Retention policy on exchange
refer below link to setup the policy as per your choice

You will need to purge Deleted mailbox to free up space pls refer below
As the previous Experts have suggested you may need to manually purge the mailboxes or at least setup the mailbox retention policy and so on.  Though I do not believe this will actually reduce the physical database size.

Depending on how you have the databases setup...the log files should automatically delete once a backup has been completed.  This will be something you will need to verify in your settings.

There are a lot of options for cleaning up the wasted space or white space left behind from moved/deleted mailboxes and such.

In a conversation with Microsoft they have recommend (and has worked fine for us) is to move all the mailboxes out of the problem storage group.  Suspend the LCR Copy and Dismount the Database.  Delete all the log files and database files including the LCR Copy ones.  Remount the database which will then prompt a new empty database and then enable the LCR copy again.  

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sraleyAuthor Commented:
I don't know if I want to take on the last paragraph. You said database backup the log files will be deleted. is this a backup through exchange management or are you talking a windows backup which is what is done every night.
After a full Windows backup the Exchange Transaction logs should delete unless you have circular logging enabled.

The alternative to my suggestion would be to dismount the databases and running offline defrags and database checks.  These options are very slow and then it also brings down email for your users.

The above process is actually pretty easy as long as you have a database to move the existing mailboxes to and enough space for all the log files.  

sraleyAuthor Commented:
I can dismount tomorrow and run all the offline defrags. Windows backup does  full backup each night but log files are not being removed.
As Waleeda pointed out your nightly online maintenance needs to run and you will see a 1221 in the event log designating the amount of space that can be recovered more here

However that said within Exchange 2007 there is a setting  under - Mailbox properties--mailbox settings- storage quotas

* Look under deleted item retention there is a setting that says "Do not permanently delete items until you backup the database"   So if your backups have not been finishing then your deleted item retention id never cleared.   Now you can change this if you like by de-selecting that option and saving the settings and then wait for you nightly maintenance to run. And as stated above you will see the 1221.  HOWEVER be aware that A. this will limit your ability to recover items within the deleted item retention range if your backups are not completing and B. this will only free space within the EDB for other items, i.e. the physical size of the EDB will not shrink unless you do an offline defrag.

MORE IMPORTANTLYIf your logs are not being truncated then you either don't have it configured properly OR your backups are not finishing correctly.

1. As asked above do you have circular logging enabled?
2. How many logs are we talking about?
3. Whats the oldest and newest log date?
4. Are you running a straight stand alone 2007 server, or do you have LCR, CCR, or SCR enabled?

NOTE: IMO Before you consider doing a DB defrag or MB move OR changing the deleted item backup retention setting I would figure get the backup situation resolved.  Check your event logs that occur during the backup process and at the end and this will give you a good starting point as to whats happening
sraleyAuthor Commented:
The backup verification gives an error on the mailbox file but the file backed up fine. So the logs are still there.
sraleyAuthor Commented:
I see now that I have some rule in exchange to send a submission/copy of every email to a journal account that is one that I deleted but I don't know or can't find wheret he rule is. I see that I have 8200 messages sitting in a submission queue that can't be delivered and i can't delete

Identity: TPP-MAIL\Submission\373615
Subject: {MetLife Secure Message}  Re: Requested information
Internet Message ID: <>
From Address: <>
Status: Retry
Size (KB): 12
Message Source Name: Journaling
Source IP:
SCL: 0
Date Received: 2011-04-06 16:54:25
Expiration Time:
Last Error: Categorization failed. The message will be deferred and retried because it was marked for retry if rejected.
Queue ID: TPP-MAIL\Submission
Recipients:  journal@
sraleyAuthor Commented:
I reran backup and logs are taken care of now. I don't know what the verification error was about before.
sraleyAuthor Commented:
running stand alone exchange 2007. Don't know what your asking about the LCR, CCR< SCR?
I'm runnding defrag now.
Are the queue for journaling still building up?

The rules for that are typically under Organization...Journaling Tab.

If you already have deleted this rule then you will need to manually purge the queue since it has no where to go now.  Just highlight them all and delete without NDR or With NDR.  Your Choice.

if you need the journaling...then you will have to recreate it here and send it to the correct place.
If your keeping the journaling then don't purge the queue.  Only if your not needing them anymore!
sraleyAuthor Commented:
found the tab and removed the journaling rule. It was already disabled but there is a queue called Submission, delivery type unknown. I suspended it since that was my only option. I can't deleted the messages. I can just do properties on them.
I've found this online a while back when we ran into a similar issue and saved it.  Unfortunately I don't remember the exact site:

In order to clear the Exchange 2007 submission queue you will have to create a new queue database from scratch. This may cause some mail loss since this will delete whats currently in the queue.

Open computer services via Start --> Run --> Services.msc
Locate and stop the Microsoft Exchange Transport Service (this service is new to Exchange 2007).
Navigate to the Queue folder location. By default the folder is in C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Transport Roles\Data\.
Right click on the Queues folder and choose Rename. Rename the folder to something like Queue.old.
Create a new folder and name it: Queue
Start the Microsoft Exchange Transport Service.
Confirm mail flows both inbound and out of your server

Open in new window

sraleyAuthor Commented:
i'll try it as soon as they will let me take email down again. the director's address book is corrupte again after running the cleanup/defrag.
sraleyAuthor Commented:
okay ran the cleanup and it got rid of 4 gigs
sraleyAuthor Commented:
I don't know if this is the place to ask this question or start a new one but we were having a problem with one person when typing in an address in outlook and it popped up in the TO line cache she clicked the email woudl come back because it replaced with even though its spelled right in cache. We thought it was her but this morning in outlook web mail, it did it to the administrator account as well. Is this an exchange issue since all contact lists are stored in exchange?
Sounds like the address book is having a issue....have you tried rebuilding it or creating a new one from scratch?
sraleyAuthor Commented:
how do you go into exchange and rebuild an address book? I've tried creating a new one but that will be a file on the hard drive, the default is in the exchange profile.
in EMC

Select the Organization > Mailbox > Offline address book.

Right click and select Update

If your still having issues...just create a second one and do some further testing to see if you get the same issues or not.
sraleyAuthor Commented:
okay other than the prompt that this could take a few minutes what should i see because I saw something flash on the screen after clicking okay to that message and its been at least 5 minutes and nothing else in EMC has popped up.
sraleyAuthor Commented:
oh and I forgot to mention these problems with appending the domain.local instead of the appears to only happen to 2 accounts out of 12.
Take them out of cache mode and see if you get the same results.
If nobody else is having the issue but those 2 then its probably not a Global Address Issue.  Maybe redo the profile?  or Have you tried deleting the .NK2 file from the PC? this is the file that stores all the cache email addresses and stuff?
sraleyAuthor Commented:
for one account yes we deleted profile from the computer which cleared the nk2 file and her problems still exist. unless she types in the full email address it isn't sending to a few people in her contacts.
sraleyAuthor Commented:
okay deleted teh n2k file and only tested a couple email addresses. She will be back monday to try it out some more.
All the mail stores good now? Replication going correctly?  All the databasecopys healthy?

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Oops forgot your not doing 2010! ignore that last comment! :)
sraleyAuthor Commented:
not sure if all the cache and mailstore is cleared. log files gone. mailstore decreased by 4 gig but mailbox was 17gig that was deleted. will wait and see.
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