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Hi 2 all experts,

We have an Exchange 2010 + Outlook 2010 enviorment, with ~100 users.
We want to find a solution for the Archive because we have a limited disk space on the exchange server ( for 3GB / per user + some 10GB for special users ).
I am not an expert on Exchange 2010 but i cannot figure it out how to make an autoarchive on a network storage ( like a NAS ).
As in the link here: the second screenshot appears to let you chose the location, but i cannot find that option.

Can someone help with a solution ? Or any other better ideas ? ( We don`t want users to locally store the PST archive, and we want to automatize the system as much as we can ).

A ProorocuISMAsked:
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I see,  well there is that old saying about you get what you pay for right? I mean you could buy a $200 2TB USB enclosure, and set it up, but how valuable is this information?  I'm all about being cheap when warranted, like if I needed storage for my IT Install files etc... $200 disk would be just fine.

I would imagine that the $4k most of that cost is for the chassis & not the disks.  

In 2010 Sp1, You need to setup message retention tags & policies for the archiving.


Do you have a SQL server in your organization??? Check out MailArchiver from GFI, the price is great for the features...  
A ProorocuISMAuthor Commented:
We have an SQL Server, but the GFI solution costs way too much for what it does.
That we can acomplish with the Exchange 2010 online archive, if i manage to make it work ( for free :) ).
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Understood, not sure if you are aware but the online archive requires an enterprise user cal for each user that has an online archive mailbox.

a NAS would not be a good option to store the archive database.  You need something like a SAN, or Direct attached storage or even additional internal disks.  
The reason a NAS is a bad option is a NAS is file based storage, where as a SAN is block level.

What type of server are you running Exchange on now? Do you have room for another 2-4 internal hard disks?

A ProorocuISMAuthor Commented:
We have the Enterprise CALS :).

We are running on a Dell R900, but we ran out of HDD slots. A Dell DAS with 4x 2TB is somewhere around 4k $, and we were looking for a cheaper solution.
A ProorocuISMAuthor Commented:
And one other question is, in Exchange 2010 SP1 from where do you set-up the setings for the archive ( when to run / messages older then ... to archive / etc. ) ?
A ProorocuISMAuthor Commented:
10x for the answers !
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