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Hi Everyone,

I have an SBS 2003 server at one site and a Windows 2003 server at another site. There is a site to site VPN connecting the two sites. At site A where my SBS server is located GP works fine. At Site B where the second server is clients all get the following error in the logs:

The starnge thing is the bit at the end {F1482C02-2C8D-4308-B9CD-BE924C61C83F} geniunly doesn't exist.

When I look in group policy manager on Site B the policies I am cvreating appear to be there, however they are just not applying to clients becuase of the above error?

Any ideas?


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TriumphLTDConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi Connectex,

Thanks for your help but I have now found the fix! Firstly AD wasn't replicating so we sorted this out and then the GPO's still were not applying, this article sorted this out

Thanks again for your help though.

Is the second server configured as a domain controller (DC)?  If so check your File Replication Event log for errors.

TriumphLTDAuthor Commented:
It is the correct solution
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