Blackberry 9630 GAL lookup not working

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I have a user whose Blackberry 9630 is unable to search the GAL when composing an email.  when you compose an email and start entering text in the To:, CC or Bcc fields, nothing happens.  Every other user in this BES environment is able to run lookups against the GAL.  

I've tried battery pull, deleting/resending service books, disabling and renabling wireless sync from the CNFG menu to no avail.  There is only 1 mail account on this device.

I would prefer not to have to security wipe, delete/recreate BES user, reactivate.  

Any ideas?  

Thank you
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Does sending/receiving of email actually work?

If the user types the email address manually will the email be sent and receive by the desired recipient?

In my opinion you tried everything possible except deleting and readding the user.

Does the user belong to a different security group than other users? What version of BES? Can the user access GAL from Outlook/OWA successfully?


everything else on the BB seems to be working fine: emails send and receive, calendar and contacts sync.  If user types out email addresses manually, they go through no problem.  It just does not attempt to autocomplete from the GAL.

the IT policy and security group is shared with several other users that are not experiencing the same issue.
This is BES 5.0.2 running on Server 2008 R2.  Exchange 2010 SP1 RU3.

Forgot to mention I have already deleted the user from BES entirely, recreated and reactivated (no security wipe though).
Well, then... I can hear the call of the wipe...
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i hear it too, i'm trying to ignore it :)  It may come to that though unfortunately.  Just got off call with RIM, they confirmed wipe probably necessary.
we changed the setting of "Show recent contacts when composing emails" to No and it starting working again.  Go figure!
Congratulations. That proves another time that lots of settings just don't act as one would suspect. So the setting would be better named "Show ONLY recent contacts..."




resolved the issue myself, but a wipe probably would have fixed as well.
Thanks for the points.

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