Sort excel cells by length of the strings

Hello friends,
How are you? Attached is an excel file. What I want is:
1) sort the column by the length. If the string length is 1, it will be put in the first row, so and forth.
2) remove the duplicated rows.

Thanks for help.
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point_pleasantConnect With a Mentor Commented:
sort by length of string

Put the list in column A
In Column B Row 1 type =LEN(A1) This gives you the length of A1
Edit Fill down B1 down Column B so you have =LEN(A2) etc
Copy, paste special, Values only , Column B
Highlight all
Now, data sort

remove duplicate rows

Select all the rows, including the column headers, in the list you want to filter.

On the Data menu, point to Filter, and then click Advanced Filter.
In the Advanced Filter dialog box, click Filter the list, in place.
Select the Unique records only check box, and then click OK.
The filtered list is displayed and the duplicate rows are hidden.

On the Edit menu, click Office Clipboard.
The Clipboard task pane is displayed.

Make sure the filtered list is still selected, and then click Copy .
The filtered list is highlighted with bounding outlines and the selection appears as an item at the top of the Clipboard.

On the Data menu, point to Filter, and then click Show All.
The original list is re-displayed.

Press the DELETE key.
The original list is deleted.

In the Clipboard, click on the filtered list item.
The filtered list appears in the same location as the original list.

Kannan KManager - EngineeringCommented:

Please attached excel workbook,

zhshqzycAuthor Commented:
Okay. There we go.
Pr1zConnect With a Mentor Commented:
- Open it in Excel
- in B1 enter '=len(A1)
- Copy the formula down the column by double clicking on the little black square
- Select Column A
- Data ==> Sort ==> Column A
- Delete Column B
- Excel 2010 has a Remove Duplicates button on the Data ribbon, failing that you can use a Pivot table with just Column A selected to remove the duplicates

Hope this helps

her is sorted file,  btw all were 11 long
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