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I am using a synology D211j as Iscsi on a 2003 server. The drive is found on the 2003server and it is shared, so clients map the drive when running login script. All works as it should

But - now there was a power problem, so the D211j was restarted. The drive was afterwards still mounted on the 2003server, where I could see all data.

The clients also had the mapping, but there was no data in it. Complete empty.

On the server I tried to restart the Iscsi service, restart the clients - reboot the D211j again - but the networkdrive on the clients just is empty - while the data can be seen on the server, so there is connection to the d211j, but somehow the share is crashed.

Anyone know how I can get this working, if this should happend again, because a server reboot is not very good in a production envoirement.
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Well, you can try to restart the server service. That will disconnect all remote file access while the service restarts.
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