Remove semicolons in Excel 2010

I have a database with some email addresses. However, instead of each email address having its own row. they are all listed in one row separated by semicolons.

How can I make Excel remove the semicolons and place each email address in a separate row?

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1. Select the row with the email addresses in it.

2. Select the "Data" menu at the top, press "Text to columns", follow this wizard through selecting... delmited, semicolon, then press finish. all your email addresses should be in a seperate cell in the same row.

2. Select the row and copy it

3. Right click on where you want to paste the emails into a new row each.

4. Select "Paste Special"

4. Tick the "Transpose" check box, press OK.

Now your emails should be on a seperate row each.
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