Windows 7 search not finding all .pdf on network drive

OK, so the problem I am running into on a client's PC is when he does a search in Windows 7 for *.pdf on a mapped drive it only shows a few files. All of these files are from 2007-2008. Nothing newer than November of 2008. He is using a Windows 7x64 and the server is Server 2003. There are hundreds of pdf files on this mapped drive, yet it only lists a few. I have looked for a few hours on the net and haven't found a working solution to this problem. Figured I would try here. Probably should have tried here first and saved the headache.
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This patch allows you to add network files to the index without having to make them "always available offline".

It will add a tab in the Indexing Options menu called "Add UNC Location" this is where you add the path of the network folder.

WARNING: This does not support x64 platform

always available offline is not a real solution for network storage, you can't make 2TB available offline if you have a 200GB hard drive

If you are using x64 OS try this free tool:
joeylong--Use Everything Search engine.  Much superior to Windows Search.
joeylongAuthor Commented:
Isn't that supported on x64? Under the warning it states it doesn't support x64.
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correct UNCFATPHInstaller.msi is not supported on x64 systems but this is:
joeylongAuthor Commented:
Not sure if those work or not but the client said to leave it be as the files can be searched for successfully from within Adobe.

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joeylongAuthor Commented:
Client said to leave the situation as is.
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