To qualify as a spammer

I was told that to send out more than 10 emails at one go from outlook or more than 100 emails per day may cause the senders address to be black listed as a spammer.

Can any one say if this is correct and are there any other parameters to watch out for.

Many thanks
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What some sites qualify as a spammer are different than others.... in many cases it is dependent upon their own individual policy as to what they consider spamming.  For example this is gmail's policy:

Many of the larger sites are similar to gmail, meaning that as long as you follow the 'CAN-SPAM' rules, etc.... you would be ok....

There also may be a policy at your ISP regarding what they consider abuse, or they may limit the number of emails or bandwidth you can use per day, etc..., especially if you use them as a relay, so check with them as well....
For the most part that is incorrect. It may be specific to one company, but I doubt anyone would set it up that way. Most email gateways do filtering based off a reputation score for the doaim/IP Address.

This might provide you with some more insight. 
johnhardyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the excellent help
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