What is your opinion on McAfee Enterprise Edition?

I work at a high school in Chicago and we are required to have a content filter on our network.  McAfee offered us an outstanding deal on their suite if we switched from Symantec antivirus to McAfee Suite.  Does anyone have any experience or opinions on McAfee?  Thanks!
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IMHO bot are very invasive to the computer.  How about Microsoft Security Essentials?
I agree w/pjam on the MS product.  It's free and works well and less of a load on the system.  Combine that with using OpenDNS and it's filtering options is a good option for a school or home with youth resident.   kevin
I first posted the comments below about 4-5 years ago - and haven't changed my opinion in the slightest.

In the environment you work, you need VERY strong Admin controls - not only for the malware - but for monitoring and controlling your users.

Below is my boiler-plate on Enterprise AV solutions.
Regarding Symantec products - I used them for about 5-6 years and have since stripped them out of three different 2,000+ host domains. Very cumbersome and resource intensive. Actively interferes with Windows OS and basic functions.



I've been using McAfee/NAI ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) for almost 6 years and recommend it every chance I get.
It is scalable (from very small to several 100,000+ host networks) and configurable (settings, scans, updates, etc) for all time zones and all functions.
My networks have typically been in the 1,500 - 2,000 host range.
On a daily basis, 100% of my computers (that have touched the network in the past 24 hours) have the most current definition files.
The detailed information (hardware, software, firmware, user info) collected from the 'agent' running on the remote host is enough to make even a crusty old Security Manager smile.
I have gone through four NT - AD migrations. Two with ePO and two without. The grunt work involved in the migration is probably halved with it.
BTW - asking Security folks which is the 'best' anything is bound to raise a ruckus.
The efficacy of several applications is about even - AT THE HOST LEVEL.
Nothing I've seen (11 years in Network Security) matches up to ePO/McAfee.
And it is configurable (repeat) for % of processor used and time of scans.

The Administrator configures all of the settings and it is taken out of the users hands - a highly desirable trait for this Administrator.
Good Luck,

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I haven't had a lot of recent experience with McAfee, but we did find it sluggish 5-6 years ago.  We switched to the Enterprise edition of ESET's product.

I agree with the above that you want central control and reporting in the environment that you are in.  Try to compare the McAfee product with the ESET product to see which fits your situation better.  Even if it is a little sluggish, your higher priority in your situation is ease of administration and management.


As to strictly content (web) filtering rather than also antivirus, I'd also look at OpenDNS and squid/dansguardian.
Most of the companies offer some length of "Free Trial" period - and depending on your physical assets - it might be worth your time to set up a couple and evaluate for yourself.

McAfee used to have "Field Engineers" who would come on-site and do the entire installation/configuration for you - which is what I always did.

I used the same engineer for 3-4 setups and he was great. Would work all hours of the day or night - as long as I kept a bottle of Kentucky Bourbon handy.
Depending on the combined number of hosts/servers involved (1-100), I like Trend Micro's Worry Free Business Services.

The whole management/console piece is "in the cloud", as apposed traditional WFB or other competitor's software t  where the console/management piece was installed on a server within the LAN.

(The traditional locally installed Trend WFB console can get very large).

There are many advantages.

It has content and URL filtering built into it. You don't have to worry about upgrading the management/console software , relieves stress on whatever server non-cloud based AV console would be installed on, et cetera.

Downside would be that the WFB Services does not include any Exchange level  spam/virus email filtering that the traditional WFB Advanced install offers.

However, Trend Micro also offers an off-site email filtering/spooling service that can be purchased separately.

Trend Micro  a/vclient associated with WFB runs pretty light IMHO.

I like to supplement my traditional AV solutions (Trend Micro) with fully activated Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware licenses.

If you purchase 25 licenses and up you can get a single install key to manage. They're working on an enterprise product that's still in beta.

Trend Micro WFB combined with fully active MWB has made a 50 host network of mine malware free for a year (knock on wood), where I was doing 1-2 malware removals a week for them otherwise.

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