Sql function

I ahve the function in sql "lastbusinessday " 
but How can I get the value from that function
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Imran Javed ZiaConnect With a Mentor Consultant Software Engineer - .NET ArchitectCommented:
by name it seems to be a method to return last working day or date you you may use it as

select lastbusinessday()

and it will return you date or day
select lastbusinessday parameter -- pass the parameter if you have any

if not just

select lastbusinessday
Lee SavidgeCommented:
It depends on what that function does. What parameters does it take?

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simply u can use
Select * from lastbusinessday
Select * from lastbusinessday('parameter value') --if you hae any parameter
Imran Javed ZiaConsultant Software Engineer - .NET ArchitectCommented:
if this function returns a table then you can use

select * from dbo.lastbusinessday (parameter)

and if it is a scalar value function then you may use it in some query as field

select dbo.lastbusinessday (parameter)
select dbo.lastbusinessday (parameter), * from your table
peterstiAuthor Commented:
solution is good
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