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Upgrade sonicwall TZ-170 firmware/OS to "Enhanced OS"

Hi, in my office network we are using a Sonicwall TZ170  and everything works ok pretty much - however there are two vonage lines that are not working properly when there is a fair amount of internet traffic at the same time..

I saw that there is an "Enhanced OS" for the Sonicwall TZ170 available that supports QoS. I'm thinking that with QoS enabled, the Vonage lines will be prioritized and thus work better.

Is my assumption correct? Anyone with experience with this OS?
Is there a detailed guide for the upgrade process?

Thank you
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It is possible that you may see improved voice, but...

- do you have QoS setup on all the switched in the network? Just enabling it on the SW will not help - unless you had something like a separate switch for voice devices connected to the OPT port on the TZ170, then proritized the OPT port traffic...

- is the problem really in your network or at the SW, or it is beyond the SW, where you have no control? You can enable all the QoS you want on your devices, but if the downstream connections are not QoS enabled - as the Internet and Vonage in general are not - it most likely will not accomplish much, for the cost of the Enhanced OS...

We have many small branch offices connected with SW TZ's with VPN's back to our main site, connecting their IP phones to the main voice switch. All sites have Enhanced OS, but since the VPN is through the Internet, we still have times when call quality diminishes. We use G.729 to minimize packet size, and these branches are mostly 3-4 people, so usually it isn't too big of an issue.

You can also look at bandwidth throttling, limiting the amount of data the PC's can send vs. the phones....
I agree with BWaring, I just had an additional comment.

Sonicwall has a nice upgrade plan within the TZ series firewalls.  You might find it around the same cost to upgrade the entire firewall to a TZ210 or something like that, as it would be to upgrade your OS to enhanced.   From what I understand all their new units come with the enhanced OS standard.

If you need to go in that direction, it is worth checking on before you upgrade the OS.  You can call Firewalls.com and ask them about the current sonicwall upgrades.
You should look at that upgrade option, if possible. The TZ-170 is just about end-of-life and when running UTM is just not fast enough for most broadband connections.

Bandwidth management is most likely your answer for working with what you have.  Standard OS can do this outgoing only.  You use it to create a rule for your phone traffic that will be reserved a minimum amount of bandwidth.


If big downloads or video streaming is causing the slowdown, upgrade to enhanced and use  ingress bandwidth management as well.

If you do the enhanced upgrade, you can use the config convertor to avoid rebuilding from scratch.

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