After inserting hyperlink into WI Logon page, the hyperlink adds this url onto the loca Web Interface url instead of redirecting

I'm hoping I can get some help here as the Citrix Forums are very slow and unresponsive. EE is the best resource.

I added a hyperlink to our Password Recovery site on the Web Interface 5.1 logon page per the following Knowledge Center article:

Editing the WebInterface.conf file was no problem, as the text and link show up as expected, but the clicking the link actually adds the hyperlink to the end of the Web Interface site instead of redirecting correctly.

For example:””

Has anyone seen this or know what is going on?

I cannot find anymore info on this specific problem.

Thank you!
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Carl WebsterCommented:
Change your link to what is on this page:
LeeTech_AdminAuthor Commented:
Perfect. Thank you!
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