Increasing IE9 address window

My address/url window is very small in IE9 on Vista.  I can't even see the full domain.  Is there a way to increase it?
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Make sure your running the latest version.

I'm running 9.0.8112.  In this version you can drag the address bar to any length, you can also right click and move the tab bar below the address bar.

Sure, just move your mouse to the far right edge of the address bar and then click and drag to the size you want.
you can increase the size of the address bar by dragging its border to the left until it reaches a size you want.

This way does give you a longer address bar, but the tabs  have a tighter space, especially if you have a small monitor screen.

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brettrAuthor Commented:
Strange - I don't have a border like that to drag.  The window is on the same level that my tabs are on.
Jackie ManCommented:
Do you logon as local administrator of your Vista PC?
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