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I am working on a lab project and was hoping to get some guidance. We would like to redirect users profiles to their network share.

Each user has a network share in the format \\homeshare\username\ or \\tiger\username depending on if they are faculty or student.

Each user's directory maps as h:

Can I just do a group policy to redirect to H:  or do I need to go into more complexity? When I set the policy to redirect to H:/ it changes it to my directory and redirects everyone to my directory.

I need it to adapt to each individual user.

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B HConnect With a Mentor Commented:
is that what's in active directory for the users?  \\homeshare\username$ ?
make it \\homeshare\%username%

the folder itself, on the hard drive,  can be called username$ but, leave active directory like i said there

when i say %username% i mean the actual word username not whatever the users name is...
%username% is a variable which always = the users username
B HCommented:
in your group policy, call it \\homeshare\%username% or \\tiger\%username%

you should have 2 group policies, one to apply to the students, one to apply to the faculty

you can also manually set these in active directory, right-click all the students, properties, home drive... etc.. but that's a one-time deal not auto-updating
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TowsonStaffAuthor Commented:
Bryon, we do specify the home drive in the Active Directory for all users, faculty/staff/student and it is mounted by default on login.

Can we just re-direct to home drive? The issue we were having is when we specificed the home drive as H:, it auto resolved the currently logged in user and set the policy to that.

I will look at those documents.
B HCommented:
in active directory, under a random users properties, what do you have for the home folder there?  anything?

TowsonStaffAuthor Commented:
Yes. Each user on the domain has a home folder.

For Faculty/Staff it is:


For Students it is:

TowsonStaffAuthor Commented:
Not all users get Homeshare.

Faculty/Staff get \\Homeshare

Students get \\Tiger

I think that might be part of the problem.

It's all set up in active directory though, so each her has a home drive which is correct for their position here.

I set the folder redirection under User Policies and redirected Documents to the Home Directory, and I get this error in the system logs

Failed to apply policy and redirect folder "Documents" to "\\homeshare\GPrimros$\".
 Redirection options=0x80001231.
 The following error occurred: "Can not create folder "\\homeshare\GPrimros$"".
 Error details: "This security ID may not be assigned as the owner of this object.

TowsonStaffAuthor Commented:
Faculty Account in AD
That is what my Faculty/Staff Account looks like in AD

 Student Account in AD
That is what my student account looks like in AD.
B HCommented:
i see

based on that error message, you need to right-click each individual folder from where it lives on the servers, properties, security, advanced, owner, and set the actual user as the owner... that's not the case right now, which causes the error

TowsonStaffAuthor Commented:
And I def couldn't do that, I'm not an enterprise engineer unfortunately.

No other options.
B HCommented:
Well, it's not hard to do, are you saying you don't have the access to do it?
TowsonStaffAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I don't have any access to those servers and I'm not sure the engineers who do would do what that.

I will ask them though.
TowsonStaffAuthor Commented:
One thing I noticed is that the home folder is just the folder, there is no:




Could that be an issue?
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