Restore email to run search on it

I am in need of restoring a users mailbox to search thru it and determine if I can find any emails pertaining to the subject I am searching for. This user has a mailbox on Exchange 2007 sp2 and has a GRT backup of his mailbox. I am running backup exec 12.5.

My goal is to restore this to some phantom mailbox and then interface with it using outlook to run the searches on it all while not disturbing the production enviroment.

How can I best do this?
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AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Restore the Mailbox using RSG
Merge it to admin mailbox
Open Admin mailbox from outlook and use advance search, provide the required condition and search the result.
Once you see the result, copy it to another folder in the admin mailbox
export it as pst

hope this helps
Try out  a product from you can configure it to index the mailbox and then do some rather rapid searches.

If that wont work check out my profile for contact details and hit me up for more information

tadduciAuthor Commented:
Thank you guys for the replies.
To follow up on comment from Amit...
I am using Exchange 2007 and I am pretty sure the RSG is not installed/activated/etc... Do I need to do anything to set that up in advance?
I am using backup exec so I assume I will see the RSG to restore to?

Everything else in the solution makes total sense to me so I am following you after that.

AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Open EMC, Click on Toolbox, Database recovery management. From DRM you can configure the RSG and restore back the data to the RSG. Later from the same toolbox you can merge the data back to mailbox. Follow below steps
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