Crystal Reports Viewer ActiveX Control in Visual FoxPro 9 Keeping Foxpro Tables Open

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    We have a form in our software package that runs the Crystal Reports Viewer 9.2 ActiveX control written in Visual FoxPro 9 SP2. The crystal reports we use have been written to read our VFP table data through ODBC. The crystal reports viewer works well, as I've used Experts' Exchange several times to get that piece to operate.

    However, we have several features in our software that requre large and secure transaction processing, therefore we sometime need exclusive use of specific tables in our database. Since our application is typically shared over a network by many users, one user might have the crystal report viewer open with a report that uses a table which another user needs to use exclusively.

    My question is: can the crystal reports viewer (or perhaps the crystal reports themselves) be written to close the VFP tables it uses once the report has been run without having to completely close the form containing the crystal report viewer?

    I have tried to read the DownloadFinished property of the ActiveX control, but that has never returned true. Perhaps there is another property I can read, or a method I can run to close the VFP tables or data connection without having to close the resulting report.

    FYI - These same reports, when run with the full Crystal Reports 2008 also leaves the VFP tables open without being able to get exclusive use.
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