Software/Hardware to move an image across multiple screens

We currently have 6 Televisions that are powered by 6 computers and each one has a different display. What we would like to do is consolidate this down to if possible 1 computer.

I know there is hardware available that can support this amount of displays. My problem is the hardware just clones the displays and as I mentioned before each one needs to be different.

Also, we are displaying 6 different chat queues and each requires a login. We have tested and it doesn't seem possible to log into this software multiple times on one machine. This is another reason we needed to have 6 computers, one login per computer per TV.
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I've never set up more than 3 monitors before, but I would think that 6 monitors could be done with 3 dual-monitor cards.  The video cards usually have software that allows you to select whether the monitors are all clones of each other (not what you want), are configured as one (very wide) screen, or are independent.

I would think you could manage the multiple software issue by using the Virtual XP software that can be run on Vista Pro.  Just ask if you need more info on this.
To do this, you will need a computer that will support multiple video cards. You will most likely want to find a motherboard for the computer that has 3 PCI-e 16 slots. You will then need 3 video cards that will have dual monitor outputs on them. something in the Nvidia 200 range should work.

Lastly, you will need a power supply that can handle this many video cards. I would nto recommend anything under an 850w.

Depending on the software you are trying to run, you could run into issues with programs not staying maximized when you open other programs. There could also be performance problems that arise when trying to run 6 programs at once.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
You basically have two issues ...

(1)  Supporting 6 monitors.    This is simple -- exactly how you do it depends on the motherboard's feature set.     If you get a motherboard with 3 PCIe x16 slots (as suggested above), you can install 3 identical cards;  but even without this there are several ways to provide support for 6 displays.    A single Radeon HD5870 EyeFinity 6 card supports six displays using Display Port adapters [ ];   Matrox makes some quad-display cards as well as an external "Triple-Head-to-Go" adapter that lets you install 3 displays on a single output;  etc.

(2)  Supporting 6 instances of your chat software.    A simple way to do this is to run 6 virtual machines using VMWare or Virtual PC, and assign one to each display.     This will work fine as long as you have sufficient memory to avoid excessive page faults while running that many VMs.     An x64 system with 8GB of memory would be fine -- you could then assign 1GB to each of the VMs and performance should be very good.

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As far as running different instances of the software, you could also look at the run-as command and run each session as a different user. You would of course have to create 6 unique users in the management to accomplish this.

I would try that before creating 6 virtual machines. It will be much quicker and less resource intensive.
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