alter PHP sql query and syntax help with MySQL

I have the follow snippet of code that I need to update.  I need to exclude blog_id 3,4,5,7 and I thought I could just append multiple OR statements to the end and reference the != but that is not working...can someone show me a sample of how to edit this query to exclude multiple blog_id?

$query = "SELECT * FROM " . $wpdb->base_prefix . "blogs WHERE spam != 1 AND deleted != 1 AND blog_id != 1";

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try it like this
$query = "SELECT * FROM " . $wpdb->base_prefix . "blogs WHERE spam != 1 AND deleted != 1 AND blog_id NOT IN (1,3,4,5,7) " 

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Lukasz ChmielewskiCommented:
pda4meAuthor Commented:
Perrrfecto!!!  Thanks!
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