Outlook Web Access logs one user out after clicking on most anything

We have an Exchange 2003 environment with a FE/BE server setup.  

As of a week ago, one user is having trouble when logging into OWA and clicking on any other folder (other than her Inbox).  If she clicks on any other folder, or even the OWA Options, the login screen is shown.  At this point, she cannot go back to her Inbox.  She must log back in, but again, if she clicks on anything outside of her Inbox, it takes her back to the login screen.  

She is able to open e-mail in the inbox, no problem.  Clicking on Contacts, Calendar, Sent Items, trying to compose a new e-mail, anything else, it takes her back to the login screen.

I have had many others test this out and they are working just fine.  So far, she is the only person that has complained of this happening out of about 2,500 users.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Test the account from another machine? Same?
I would suspect cookies, or other security issues in the browser.
OWA Also makes use of pop-ups on replies and such, so either control+Click or allow pop-ups for the site..

Praveen BalanSolution ArchitectCommented:
Looks like she has some corruption in her mailbox database. I would suggest you to move the mailbox to different mailbox store by selecting skip corrupted items..(I understand that she does not have any issues when using outlook).

Normally this kind of issue happens when there is a logical error, and gets fixed by moving the mailbox.....(keep in mind that you may loose few items).

Or else export the email to a PST and create a new mailbox store for her.. import the data.

go for the first option first and let me know your output...
Praveen BalanSolution ArchitectCommented:
In my previous comment I mentioned mailbox database instead of the user mailbox in 2 occasions, request you to read that as user mailbox instead of mailbox database.

Do create new user mailbox in case the movement did not solve the issue.

EE Admin - please modify if possible.
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javornelasAuthor Commented:
FDiskWizard - unfortunately the same issue from 4 computers tested so far.  She logs into 4 different computers and is still having the same problem.

PraveenBalan - I will move her mailbox to another mailbox store and choose to skip corrupt items.  I understand that she may lose some items.

Thanks for your suggestions!
OK, I can't think of anything lese then but to move that mailbox...
Well, maybe one... could it be a password sync issue? have you tried changing her password?
For giggles I would also check under her account under the Acccount tab. Anything abnormal checked?

As for as moving... Yeah, if they're corrupted, then most likely you want those gone anyway. From experience I generally set SKIP to about 20 when moving a bunch of mailboxes. Usually it doesn't get that high, but helps when one mailbox has a number bad items.

javornelasAuthor Commented:
PraveenBalan - I just moved the mailbox to another mailbox store and as FDiskWizard suggested, had to turn up the skip corrupt item count to 20.  The mailbox did move successfully once I turned up the skip count to 20.  

Unfortunately, I am still having problems when clicking on other folders or trying to compose a new e-mail within OWA.  I am still getting the main login screen.

It appears I will need to export mail to a PST file, create a new user mailbox, and then import the data from the PST for her.  I will try that next, as soon as she lets me know when I can start this.

FDiskWizard - We have changed her password and that didn't seem to help.  I just changed it again, and if this makes sense....the problem seems worse now.  I cannot open any of the items in the Inbox now without getting the login screen.  If I go ahead and type in username and password again, it will let me open the e-mails or any folder that I am clicking on.  

Nothing is checked under the Account tab in her AD account.  

I did have to turn the Skip Corrupt Items (during mailbox move) to 20.  I had it set to 3 and then 5 and it failed both times.  After setting it to 20, the mailbox moved successfully.  However...didn't help fix the problem.
Praveen BalanSolution ArchitectCommented:

I still feel that there is a corruption(could be wrong too :-)), and could be on the folder structure. I would suggest you to export all data into a PST and disconnect purge the current mailbox. Create a new fresh mailbox for her ID and test before importing the data back to the mailbox.

Let me know the status after these, we will check it further.


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Additionally; you could do this....
  - Remove Exchange Attributes from AD. That will leave the mailbox sitting in a disconnected state.
  - Create a new User without a mailbox, and reconnect the mailbox to that account.
Test with the new account. That would rule out the mailbox.
And if it works, have her start using the new account....

Just make sure mailboxes don't delete/purge right away... after disconneting from the account :)
that should be "Remove Exchange Attributes from account in AD"
right-click > Exchange tasks...
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