IllegalMediaSize error on only one PC

I'm having a problem with a newly installed computer.  It needed to be an XP Professional PC because of various software packages that this office doesn't want to upgrade.  I installed the software and drivers for the Ricoh Aficio MP-C3501 color multifunction printer and installed it as a network printer.  Every time it prints we're getting and extra page with the following warning:

Warning: IllegalMediaSize

I tried changing the drivers from PCL6 to PCL5c.  This didn't work.  I've been looking at the printer settings, but in each case the default media is letter and in no way special.  The computer this is replacing as well as all the others in the office all print without this problem.  Does anyone have a clue as to what's wrong?  Tomorrow when I go there I may try re-installing drivers from this list on the Ricoh site (I already tried the first two, but I'm wondering about the third "Universal" one.  Any ideas?

Microsoft Windows XP
PCL 6 Driver  
PCL 5c Driver  
PCL6 Driver for Universal Print New!
PostScript3 Driver  
PS Driver for Universal Print New!
PCL Mini-Driver  
ICM files  

(I left out the Twain driver.)
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PCL XL is the 'official' name of the Page Description Language (PDL) commonly refered to as PCL6.

As such (unless there is something seriously wrong with the printer's firmware), the printer will only report a PCL XL error if the incoming print stream uses the PCL XL language, and the interpreter detects some error pr inconsistency in the language 'commands'.

i.e. if you use a PCL5 or PostScript driver, the prinete should NOT report any PCL XL errors.

As to this specific warning: IllegalMediaSize indicates that "The values for MediaSize or CustomMediaSize or
CustomMediaSizeUnits are out of range for the current device."
Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
Is this happening when you print anything, or only printing from a specific program? If you print a test page, do you get the same error? It almost sounds like the program that is sending the print file is missing an "end of file" code to tell the printer that there are no more pages.  If the error seems to be coming from a single program, do other users print from the same program without errors?
To find out what Media Size the print stream is requesting means capturing and analysing a sample print job which is known to cause the problem.

If you are able to, print such a small (sanitised data) print job, but select the 'print to file' option in the print dialogue.

Then post the captured .PRN file here as an attachment for analysis.

Note that (to get around E-E attachment restrictions) you'll have to 'disguise' the file by giving it an extra file extension before trying to attach it.
For example, if the captured file is named mytest.prn, rename it as mytest.prn.txt before attaching it.
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... and the PCL XL error / warning should actually provide a bit more information (which helps when doing the print stream analysis); the message should be of the format as demonstrated in the following example:

PCL XL Error
    Subsystem: KERNEL
    Error: IllegalMediaSize
    Operator: BeginPage
    Position: 14
sexygeekAuthor Commented:
The print error happens from Office, IE, Firefox, etc..  If this only happens from PCL6 then I must have installed PCL5c incorrectly.  I'm going to try uninstalling eveything and try PCL5c again.

I don't have the error in front me but I think that what I typed here was the whole error.  I will be at the client in a short time and will get back to this forum with updated information.

Thanks for all the help!
sexygeekAuthor Commented:
Hearing that PCL5c will not send this error, I went back and checked my installation of the PCL5c drivers.  Apparently I did something wrong on setup because it was still using the PCL6 driver.  I removed this and re-installed PCL5c and now no more error or extra pages!

Thanks to all for your help.
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